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Software Development Services

The Software development landscape has seen an increasing change in companies with the discovery of new technologies and applications every day. Technological advances mean that the software needs to be updated to the new technologies. Just a few years ago mobile app development was never as important as it seems in today’s world, today it is seen as a new tool to enable employees and connect with customers. Gloriosum IT Solutions provides custom and innovative software solutions on the latest platforms and tools, whether they are desktop applications or mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Our software development platform includes platforms like .Net development, Java( J2EE and J2ME platforms), PHP development, Android development, Game development, Ipad and iOS development.

If you are a corporate you may have already realized the need for new software development which is aligned with your business strategy because it gets updated with the changing times and the competitive environment. Also, it is important to find the right business strategy aligned with a speedy software implementation so that your company retains the competitive edge. Another reason why you may be looking for a technological upgrade is that application maintenance is expensive or because your existing software are slow and inefficient.

Software development
process at Gloriosum IT Solutions:

Research & Discovery

This is a highly collaborative phase in product development where our team completely understands the product requirements. This is a key phase to define the development requirements and define the requirements expected of the product to be developed. Having understood and documented the requirements our team applies innovative ideas to apply the right practices to be implemented for development. We also define the design steps and technologies along with frameworks to implement the projects.

Architecture & Design

This phase involves putting together high-level structures, putting detailed specifications. Based on the previous stage of research and discovery a model is designed to meet the requirements. The high-level architecture and design is implemented so as to provide the developers enough guidance for the development phase as per discussions with customers, stakeholders, and technical experts.

Development & Delivery

In the development phase the actual development of the software to be developed is put in place. The developed code is released in iterations with the development of the critical components done first. After the core functionality is developed it is tested for functionality and then the additional features are developed and tested again.

Support & Maintenance

The software developed at Gloriosum is as per the best practices in the industry. Post-development the software team provides support and maintenance of software products and this applies to all projects whether they are web design, web development projects or application development projects. We provide continued support, future enhancements, and integrations on pre-agreed plans.

Business Challenges

  • Decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with strategic business initiative.
  • Strategize, develop and execute new initiative with optimal speed to remain competitive.
  • Evaluate the evolution of client needs and changing market scenario
  • Unsupported technologies which pose risk for application maintainence.
  • Non strategic skills and lack of expertise.
  • Redundancies in application portfolio across business functions.

Key Features

  • Customer satisfaction: We deliver excellent product delivery and retain customers by understanding customer expectations and providing products and services which match them.
  • Reduced cost: Outsourcing non core, labour intensive tasks to a trusted service provider with worldwide reach.
  • Value delivery: We facilitate onsite and offshore model which facilitates price performance over the customer’s application.
  • Tailored Solutions: Deliver custom solutions which meets various aspects of customer’s requirements.
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