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Mobile Application Development

Mobile and web apps are the next generation technology that has become so successful and today more and more companies are giving their product and service solutions here. Gloriosum mobile app development can provide a suite of solutions for you for all platforms like iPhone, Android, and Windows. We also provide solutions for M-commerce and new niche areas on internet.

Mobile apps can prove to be extremely beneficial for your company’s because a majority of users are now able to access using the mobiles. The app development can pose many advantages because apps pose another advantage to the user, apps get downloaded on the user’s mobile and he doesn’t need to access the web with the help of urls, this makes it convenient for the user to use your app This is more advantageous than a website because the user is constantly reminded to use the app as it resides on his mobile and if it meets his requirements he can quickly access your mobile app and ask you for service. Gloriosum IT Solutions provide mobile app development services that meet international standards. Examples of companies which offer excellent apps are Mallzee, Nike + Run Club and others mentioned below.

Why we Choose Mobile Application Development

Offer better personalization:
The professionals at Gloriosum are trained to provide apps that can offer better personalization than mobile websites, which means the apps obtain information about the type of phone and the customer’s usage of the app to offer tips and suggestions to the mobile user. Mobile software development which is an example of this the Airbnb app which monitors the trips customers have and recommends the accommodations, hotels, and pubs to customers for their planned trip.

Offline access:
Customers can also have offline access to app and they can configure the app so that during the offline hour's customers can still get to use some features of the app, they can view content and videos which are stored in the app building the customer app engagement.

Customers can receive the app notifications:
App users can receive the app notifications from your apps. This feature is catching up fast which Gloriosum professionals can build for you providing custom mobile app development. Then during the app design, it is also important for the app users to receive no hindrances in using the app, it must be usable on the customer’s phone and so our professionals check on various devices, phone models and so on.

iOS App Development

Tap into our iOS development talent-pool to build beautiful apps, enterprise-grade mobile solutions, or engaging games.

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Android App Development

Develop powerful, highly usable Android apps that solve business problems, attract users, and reinforce your brand.

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Cross-Platform Development

Cut your development and maintenance costs with cross-platform apps that work seamlessly on iOS, Android, and more.

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Wide-ranging mobile app solutions to satisfy
evolving demand of modern business era.

Mobile Web Design

Our mobile app is designed to be thoughtful keeping in mind your target audience, having a smooth functional flow which makes it a delight to operate.

Self Intuitive Navigation

The professionals at Gloriosum IT Solutions create intuitive design so the navigation is easier in the app. They keep in mind your target customers.

User Experience For All (UX)

Our UX design provide users with just the relevant content, guiding customers about the flow with content indicators, the UI elements are uncluttered with the right usage of colors.

Robust Back-End

Back end architecture is used to implement the storage of customers data in the back-end database, managing servers at the backend to provide an appropriate response to the customers request

Interactive Elements

Gloriosum IT Solutions provide the latest trends in interactivity which can be implemented with a long press, swipe or drag, long press drag, double touch and double touch drag.

Modern User Interface (UI)

The interface we design at Gloriosum is based on the recent trends in good UI design which is suited for various digital plaforms and implement your business processes flawlessly.


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