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Android App Development Services

The advantage of having a custom Android mobile app is that the app is customized to your business and your requirements and can be customized further to meet further requirements. The apps are catering to a section of the internet customers. For this reason, mobile app development has become vastly popular and has become adopted by an increasing number of customers. One of the reasons it has become popular is that the Android platform has seen vast popularity especially after the adoption by Google.

Android apps improve efficiency and productivity: If you adopt Android for the development platform then there is a good effect on your business efficiency in serving customers, also if your employees use the app they can perform various tasks through the app.

Having a custom app is also more secure than a noncustom app and the data integrity of your organization remains secure. With Gloriosum IT Solutions you are safe to customize the app as per wish as you have complete rights and you are not at the mercy of an unknown app developer who can discontinue the app

Purpose of Android Development Services

Conduct surveys of new customers:
You can collect information of new customers and have surveys done through the forms which can be provided on the app and this can serve as a promotion tool. This feature can be done by our mobile app development professionals which can help you get a number of new customers.

Using the app for official purpose like document collection, attendance management, payroll and other office functions: You can take the advantage the app for attendance management of your employees so you confirm your employees are on time, reach their official tours and sites on time, can upload documents for the HR department and perform various other tasks which you can add to the app on the go!

Develop relationships with customers:
Your business can be aided because you would be able to send notifications of any offers to your customers which would result in having loyal customers, you can also provide orders and e-commerce functionality like the leading Indian company paytm does or Amazon online marketplace. Also, you can engage and develop relationships with the customers.

Use technologies like cloud-based apps:
The advantage of cloud-based apps is that lesser memory is used on the phone. Other technology features you can use are beacon technology which sends notifications to the customers when they are near the store, Near Field Communication which is used for making payment and payment gateways. App analytics can be used to develop relationships with the clients along with big data technology.

Android app development stages:

Pre-planning and research:
To look for answers to issues like what the app would do, what customers to target and how to segment the customers which would attract the initial customer traffic

Perform a mental prototyping of the project, make storyboards and sketches which would ensure the right feedback of the idea is received from the various interest groups

Assess the feasibility and develop a prototype: A technical feasibility of the project is conducted by the custom mobile application development team to understand the features to be added and use wireframes to develop a prototype so that a rough sketch can be developed.

Mobile development team develops interfaces formally designing the application checking the functionality is fully covered. Aspects of functionality, design concepts, budget, and timeline are considered and finalized.

Development is initiated considering the timeframe within which project needs to be delivered and incorporating aspects of quality like usability and marketing. The aspects of technology kept in mind are using SQLite database configuration, navigation, list view and passing information between activities.

In the testing phase aspect that are tested are to validate whether the app gets installed and uninstalled, check for application logo, whether the splash screen is displayed within a few seconds, check if the user is able to make an exit from the application with the Exit or end key, mobile application does not damage any other application or device, whether the user is able to take calls when the application is open and the application doesn’t crash. Also, testing is done to check the color scheme, themes, menu styles, font color, font style etc. and to test the functionality of the app.

Submitting the app:
The next stage in app development is to publish the app in the Play store. This activity is also performed by the professionals of Android app development company at Gloriosum IT Solutions, who would upload the app on the Android market.

After the stages defined above the app is promoted by mobile application team and promoted on the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and so on.

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